50 Types Of Massage Techniques. Part 2.

In the previous article, we’ve described some exciting types of massage techniques from all over the world. Today we will continue impressing you with more interesting and even extreme massage types. Let’s get started!

16. Tickle Massage

Tickle Massage

In Madrid (Spain) in CosquilleArteSpa, special methods of tickling are used, which help a person to relieve stress.

Instead of tickling a person on the sides and in the armpit area, which is what first comes to mind when an ordinary person thinks about tickling, spa masseuses process customers’ backs with feathers. Although most patients feel extremely clamped at the beginning of the procedure, by its end they become more relaxed and calmer.

The back tickle massage spa is the brainchild of Isabel Ayres, a public relations specialist who adores being tickled. Her spa is the first of its kind. So far, no one else in the world has offered such a service.

The tickle massage procedure takes place in a darkened room with soothing music and pleasant air-swirling scents. The client undresses, puts on thin paper linen, and lies on the table. Then the procedure begins: first the client is tickled with the tips of his fingers, then with bees. A 30-minute session costs $35, an hour session costs $60.

17. Elephant Massage

Elephant Massage

If you feel some tension in the lumbar area, the perfect masseuse for you may be the elephant! A specially trained three-ton giant will gently step on you with its limb. This service is taking place in a tourist park in Chiang Mae in Thailand.
You may agree that it looks scary, considering that the weight of such a masseuse – from two to five tons. Only a very brave tourist will dare to get such pleasure of the elephant massage, but those who tried were satisfied.

The elephant does massage with his feet and a proboscis. Despite the fact that the procedure is carried out by trained animals and under control of the caretaker, this massage technique can certainly be called extreme!

18. Fire Massage

Fire Massage

What is a fire massage?

Fire massage is performed in Tibetan or Chinese massage techniques. The art of recovery and energy recovery of human forces is remarkably developed in Eastern countries. We have the opportunity to take advantage of this knowledge thanks to the special training of masters in international schools of Eastern medicine.

Fire massage isn’t as easy to perform as it might seem. Knowledge of the foundations of anatomy and movement of energies in the body and, of course, many years of experience are required. After all, the body of each person responds to the effects of massage techniques in combination with the heat of the fire in different ways. That is why this type of massage must be performed by a trained, experienced master. Massage with fire with competent performance is absolutely safe and painless.

How to give a fire massage

First, a relaxing massage of the whole body is performed. Then important acupuncture points are worked out, massaged in a certain method with a deep elaboration of muscles of the whole body zone, especially the back and lumbar. The procedure is performed with organic massage oil enriched with vitamins and useful minerals.

The patient’s entire body is covered with wet towels to eliminate burns. The master waters towels with a special alcoholic composition with a wall of healing herbs and ignites them. The heat of fire triggers the movement and restoration of life energy in the body, removes energy blocks and clamps in muscles. In addition, heat leads to deeper absorption of useful substances from the oil applied to the skin. If the fire becomes too hot, the patient warns the masseuse, and the procedure stops immediately.

The ignition is repeated several times during the session with small breaks.
The final stage of the master carries out a soft calming massage, accelerating heat throughout the body and fixing the effect of the deep relaxation of muscles.

At the end of the procedure, the client rests and relaxes for a while in silence. Meanwhile, the processes of healing are started in his body.

After fire massage, it is recommended to avoid supercooling, to refrain from taking food for some time, and to drink a lot of warm clean water without gases or herbal teas. This will increase the excretion of toxins and harmful substances from the body and contribute to tissue renewal at the cellular level.

Fire massage could be used against:

  • Body spasms and clamps, radiculitis
  • Osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, inflammatory joint diseases, rheumatism
  • Nervous disorders and insomnia, depression, power decline, apathy, headaches
  • Overweight and cellulite
  • Limb swelling and stagnant body events, hematomas
  • Tired sluggish skin, dehydration of the skin
  • Weakened identity

19. French Massage

French Massage

This is a corrective massage with elements of the lymph draining technique, invented by Pascal Kosh. As a talented physiotherapist, Dr. Kosh developed a complex system of pinch and pressured movements that contribute to improving lymph current and purifying subcutaneous tissues from the toxins accumulated in them.

The technique of French massage refers to the discharge of lymph draining, so it is considered an excellent technique primarily for aesthetic reasons. French massage makes the silhouette clearer and more tightened, removes swelling, improves the elasticity of the skin, pulls it, and promotes outflow and removal of excess liquid from tissues.
The arsenal of the French massage specialist consists of several dozen special pinches, warm-ups, and stretching techniques, which deeply affect the lymph flow, blood system, and subcutaneous fat. In addition, there are some other tricks. For example, the fingers of the masseuse should move at a strictly defined speed, which should be equal to the speed of movement of the lymph in the body of the client lying on the table.

The main feature of French massage is the principle of ignoring muscle tissue. That is, the work, often very intense and painful, is carried out only on subcutaneous adipose tissue and the lymphatic system – muscles are not affected at all. The masseuse works out only subcutaneous adipose tissue without affecting muscles or blood vessels.
The technique of French massage is effective not only for the body – it is often used in the areas of the neck, face, and cleavage. At his demonstration lectures, Pascal Kosh rather empathically demonstrated the effectiveness of his invention by selecting a volunteer from a group of listeners and performing an intensive French massage on one half of the face, the other half left unaffected. The difference was so obvious visually that no one was left in doubt about the efficiency and effectiveness of the technique.

Despite the fact that the effect of French massage is noticeable after the first session, specialists advise to carry out a course of 7 – 10 procedures. Once the main work on figure modeling and metabolic change is completed, 1 to 2 sessions per month will be sufficient to maintain the form.

The art of the French massage technique has some contraindications: it should never be performed in thrombophlebitis, chronic skin diseases, acute inflammatory processes, or in the presence of tumors. It is also prohibited for use by pregnant women.

20. Seashell Massage

Seashell Massage

For centuries, inhabitants of islands in the South Pacific have collected shellfish in striped seashells. They collected them, of course, primarily to eat, before which the shellfish needed to be removed from the seashell. But the seashells weren’t just thrown away. They were used for jewelry, in the manufacture of healing snobs, and even as money. And only recently has it become clear that they can be used as convenient, practical and effective tools for massage, adding another function. Massage shells are still collected in the Philippines, and they are cleaned of sand and polished so that they can be used in the work because the surface of the natural sinks is uneven and buggy.

Massage shells are easy to use and can be used many times as long as they are properly sanitized. Compared to other similar SPA techniques, seashell massage has a number of advantages. For example, it is characterized by a simple and rapid preparation process: shells are heated almost instantly, while it takes at least 30-40 minutes for a specialist to prepare for a stone massage with hot stones. It will take only 5 minutes to heat the seashells, and the heat in them remains up to an hour and a half. The design of the shells is convenient to work with and does not cause discomfort.

Although massage with shells sounds “primal,” in fact it is also carried out with the help of porcelain shells and a number of quite innovative tools. Porcelain shells for massage are made manually using materials of high quality, with ingestion of crushed fragments of natural seashells. Each such finished shell is hand-painted to give it a natural appearance and gloss. The shape of the shell is formed by a special processing technique, which provides the same size and thickness. Seashell massage requires one to four shells: while massage is carried out by one shell, the others are warmed up, and the effect will be the same as massage using a full set of hot stones.

21. Reiki Massage

Reiki Massage

Reiki is one type of unconventional medicine that uses palm touches to heal. The word “reiki” is composed of two characters: rei (soul, universe) and ki (mind, energy). In English-speaking countries, some refer to reiks as “universal life energy.” Mikao Usui is the founder of the reiki. They can be combined with traditional types of medicine such as Ayurveda or traditional Chinese medicine.

This kind of unconventional medicine takes into account the Hindu concept of the existence of energy points (chakras) and the philosophical principles of sinto (Japan ‘s most ancient religion). In the West, the reiki teaching became popular thanks to the Haitian Mrs. Hawayo Takate, who has managed to make the reiki principles as understandable and accessible as possible to the conditions of our civilization.

Mikao Usui believed that a healthy body defines a healthy spirit as well. Mikao Usui advised his students to follow five life rules of Emperor Meiji:

  • Don’t be angry
  • Don’t worry
  • Be kind to others
  • Work hard
  • Be grateful

In the reiki massage philosophy, there is no manipulation, no pressure, but only touching with palms to specific chakra zones. Many may be distrustful about this way of transferring energy from the giving to the receiving. But for the mental comfort of a person sometimes it can be helpful to have this amount of heat transferred from the palm. Reiki gives very good results in nervous disorders, anxiety, and other pathologies when combined with deep massage.

The reiki massage therapist must wash his hands carefully before the procedure. The patient lies on his back, his hands stretched out alongside the body. It is necessary to relax as much as possible and try to adjust to a positive attitude. The giving puts the palm of one hand on the forehead of the receiving person to transfer energy. The palm of the other hand must be placed on the solar plexus. With his first palm, he gently wraps his chin and stretches the skin around his neck without shifting his head back. It is then necessary to approach the hands so that they are several centimeters away from the abdomen.

Reiki massage benefits

Reiki helps not only the body but also the soul (many life problems are solved, the emotional background is leveled). Young children become more resistant to cold diseases, develop hidden opportunities, and improve memory. In older people, wellbeing improves, and life is extended. This practice can be combined with conventional treatments.

22. Russian Massage

Russian Massage

The roots of traditional Russian massage go far into the past. In ancient Russia, massage (self-massage) was often used to get rid of fatigue after heavy physical work. It has also been used for spinal, joint, rheumatism, bruising and other injuries that are associated with the musculoskeletal system. Ointments and mats were used during massage. The basis for the preparation of ointments includes the sourcing of traditional medicinal plants.

Typically, massage was performed after visiting the steam room where the body is heated and most susceptible to similar procedures.

Russian massage techniques

Russian massage is a manual kind of massage. The technique of carrying out Russian massage was developed by trained Russian doctors. The task of Russian massage is to strengthen muscles, and restore the nervous, respiratory and immune systems; facilitate rehabilitation after injuries and diseases; address the effects of stress and fatigue; Treat cellulite, figure correction. Famous Russian doctors V.M. Behterev and S.P. Botkin used Russian massage to treat diseases of the LCT, musculoskeletal system, and nervous system.

Studies have shown that conventional massage techniques have a huge impact on the processes of accelerating recovery as well as getting rid of certain symptoms of the disease.

Classic Russian massage is a therapeutic technique that involves deep tissue development. Various techniques are used in classical Russian massage:

  • Warm-up and stretching;
  • Smoothing and sliding;
  • Stretching;
  • Vibration;
  • Continuous massaging movements at different speeds, which move from very fast to very slow.

Massage can be both general and local. In general massage the whole body is worked out, and in the local, individual sections are worked. The duration of the massage depends on the type of massage. It can last from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Each area of the body is worked out very carefully regardless of the surface area.

In some cases, the massage procedure can create pain, especially at the beginning. But after the second or third session, pain sensations disappear, and the patient gets used to strong massage techniques. The force of action, as well as the sequence in the use of certain techniques, is selected individually for each patient. The techniques may vary over the course of the massage depending on the condition of the patient and their response to the procedure.

Russian massage benefits:

  • Activation of blood circulation;
  • Facilitating the removal of fluids and toxins from the body;
  • Stimulation of metabolic processes in tissues;
  • Activation of internal secretion glands and immune system;
  • Assistance in the process of burning fat deposits
  • Normalization of fat cell function;
  • Preventing the deposition of bad cholesterol;
  • Prevention of atherosclerotic plaque development on vessel walls.

23. Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage definition

It may not be known to an unfamiliar person what Swedish massage is and how it differs from classical massage. But there are some differences. In fact, the technique is quite common, but the impact is carried out not on muscles, but mainly on joints.

The history of Swedish massage

This technique was invented by Swedish massage doctor Ling as early as 1813. For this purpose he connected techniques that were invented by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Chinese. Ling’s theory has proved so successful for the treatment of sick joints that it is very commonly used in modern times.

The Swedish massage therapist usually applies conventional, classic massage techniques in order to rub sick joints while stretching tufts from vessels and nerves and rubbing stressed muscles.

The benefits of Swedish massage

What will Swedish massage help? Before you sign up for a specialist, you should familiarize yourself with the results that the course of procedures will bring.

  • Joints get extra flexibility
  • Fatigue, tension, and spasms in muscles are removed
  • Swelling decreases and gradually disappears
  • Blood circulation and lymph current normalized
  • Joint mobility improves
  • Injury healing accelerates

Swedish massage techniques

Since Swedish massage is considered not quite a standard method of exposure to the body, special attention should be paid to its technique. We will talk about the main techniques and discuss in more detail the massage of various parts of the body.

Although classic massage techniques are used, special attention is paid to deep impact on joints.
The specialist will warm up the detected seals and stretch the vascular-nerve bundles.
The basis of the technique is to advance from the edges of the limbs to the center. For example, if you warm your leg, you move from foot to hip, and if your hand – from wrist to shoulder.
Special attention is paid to small joints, which are rubbed with special care.
Most of the session is dedicated to finger warm-up, and only a short time is allocated for smoothing.
Mandatory requirements include starting a Swedish massage with back rubbing and ending with the head.
However useful Swedish massage is, it still has some risks, which are necessary to be taken into account before meeting with a specialist.

You can’t start a course if a patient has fresh fractures or non-healing wounds.
It is not recommended to carry out the procedure with varicose veins or thrombophlebitis.
It is also prohibited to perform such massage in the presence of hypertension or oncological diseases.
In any case, before starting the treatment, be sure to consult your doctor. Often doctors themselves recommend Swedish massage to people who have suffered various injuries and cannot repair joints and tendons. It will be particularly useful for people who are regularly sitting at work or older people. It is in this latter group that salts are often deposited in the joints, which can interfere with mobility and normal blood supply.

24. Relaxing Massage

This type of massage is aimed not only at the general relaxation of the body but also at health improvement. In this case, it is very important to observe all conditions: to correctly select special means, to create a competent environment, and to select the right music. Also, remember that positive impressions depend on the master.

What is a relaxing massage?

This type of massage has an effect not only on the human body. In addition, it contributes to the improvement of motion organs and internal systems, muscle, joints and nerve fibers.

Thus, this massage is based on the effects on the skin, muscles, and senses that are associated with the nervous system. This results in a general positive effect on the whole organism. This important property was discovered by ancient masters of reflex therapy, and they are also highlighted the basic principles of massage.

Features of relaxing massage therapy

This kind of massage is carried out closer to night time and most commonly before bed. Some say it is possible to practice it in the evening hours, but then it is necessary for the patient to have a few hours before bed for rest.
The room where the relaxing massage will be carried out should be warm and comfortable. In addition, the room should be muted, with a complete absence of harsh, bright light and sound sources. In some SPA salons, this type of massage includes light and melodic pulses. In some cases, the sounds of nature are used. Many of those skilled in the art use aromatic oils in the procedure.

The choice of massage oil should also be taken very carefully. This is because its components will absorb into the skin through the exposed pores. Therefore, if you are allergic to various components, you should tell the specialist. Natural olive oil or special massage oil is commonly used. In addition, you can use baby oil. However, organic vegetable oils are the best. Special attention should also be paid to scents. It must be well combined with the environment. Many specialists use oils of neutral odors. The use of cream or lotion is desirable after the session.

This type of massage is carried out on a naked body. This makes contact easy between the masseuse’s hands and the patient. Thus, the temperature of the masseuse’s hands and the room should be optimal and adjusted for rest and pacification.

Most often, the massage is carried out for a short period of time or even for a long time. It is usually held from 15 minutes to half an hour. This depends on the moment the patient reaches full relaxation. Also for this purpose, the session is conducted without any gaps or pauses, with contact between the hands and body continuous.
All movements and pressures of the masseuse are carried out exclusively in the direction of lymph nodes: the back of the head, shoulders, hands, elbows, feet, knees, and thighs.

Also, the following Relaxing Massage types exist:

  • relaxing facial massage
  • relaxing hand massage
  • relaxing foot massage
  • relaxing hair massage
  • relaxing ear massage

Relaxing massage techniques

Most often two massage techniques are used in this type of massage: Thai massage and point exposure. Relaxing massage combines several basic techniques.

  • Stroking.

With the help of stroking, the skin is gradually heated and prepared for stronger pressure. When performing such a relaxing massage technique, the whole palm surface is used. However, it is not necessary to press on the surface of the skin very strongly. Rather, it is necessary to make continuous sliding movements on the skin surface.
Use of rubbing is considered to be the next most intense technique. The pressure in this process is higher. In this method, the hand pressure is felt but does not cause negative feelings. Rubbing is carried out not only by the palms but also by the pads of the fingers, as well as by the bones of the compressed hand.

  • Implementation of tongs.

In this method, the masseuse gathers his hand into a fist and captures the skin between the thumb and the other four fingers. With increased intensity, the skin fold is more compressed and pulled up. In the basis of relaxing massage, tongs are carried out with lower intensity, and they are carried out only with finger pads.

  • Application of vibration.

It is carried out only with a palm collected in a fist brush or with a palm rib, rhythmically without stopping. Most often, all vibratory techniques in relaxing massage are limited to patting.

  • Using warm-up.

It consists of the capture of the skin area and its mechanical compression. Light degrees of warm-up are used in the relaxation massage. They are aimed at warming the skin and removing muscle cramps.

25. Jar Massage (Cupping)

Jar Massage

How does jar massage affect the human body?

The purpose of jars massage is to affect the vacuum on the skin receptors, with a significant blood tide to the tissues. At this point, subcutaneous fat is destroyed, and the circulation of lymph, blood and inter-tissue fluid is improved. In addition, metabolic, recovery, and immune processes in tissues accelerate by tens and sometimes hundreds of times, which in turn leads to increased immunity.

Under the influence of such vacuum therapy, the secretory work of sebaceous and sweat glands is increased, by means of which salts, urea, bile acids, and acetone are removed from the body. In addition, edema tissue is reduced, and the nutrition and breathing of the skin on the massaged area of the skin are improved, that is, the cleaning effect is not worsened, but may even become better than when visiting the sauna. Also, beneficial jar massage affects the muscle apparatus of the massaged area. At the same time, not only the compressive function of muscles but also the mobility of the ligament apparatus is improved. Skin after vacuum therapy becomes more elastic, smooth, and elastic.

Jar massage techniques

The area of skin intended for jar massage is lubricated with special oil or cream (occasionally Vaseline is also used). After that, multiple jars (1-2) are placed on the skin. If the jars are silicone, the air is “ejected” from them by compression. If the jars are glass, the air is removed by burning they oxygen (as well as when setting jars from the cold). The patient’s skin is drawn in during jar massage by no more than 1-1.5 cm.

After the installation, the jars begin to move along the massaged area with straight, rotational, or zigzag movements, following the massage lines of the human body. For example, on the back, the movements will be directed from the bottom up, and on the stomach, the rotational movements are made clockwise. The jar massage procedure lasts from 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the medical condition.

Jar massage benefits

The scope of application of jar massage today is quite extensive. Vacuum therapy is used to treat various diseases and to prevent them. Here are some of them:

  • Vacuum massage Hypertension in the initial stage
  • Osteochondrosis of the spine (not in the stage of exacerbation)
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia
  • Cold diseases (in the absence of high temperature)
  • Chronic diseases of pelvic organs (not in the stage of exacerbation)
  • Crooked, scoliosis and kyphosis
  • Injuries and bruises of the musculoskeletal system
  • Obesity
  • Cellulitis

26. Hydromassage


Hydromassage is a salon procedure that is carried out in a special hot tub. Its essence consists of a special therapeutic hydromassage directed by water flows to certain areas of the body. Hydromassage is also called SPA massage. It is common to believe that this method of treatment was invented in Germany. During treatment baths, patients suffered injuries significantly faster, and their breathing and circulation were normalized. During this procedure, the masseuse, with the help of special water hoses, conducts a hydromassage session and performs active stimulation of each cell in the body. Using special nozzles, water-air flows are created, which are regulated depending on the purpose. The direction and strength of the flow are determined by the physician who is assigned to the massage session.

With this effective method, it is possible to improve skin conditions, reduce obesity, get rid of cellulite and stretch marks, and improve blood circulation. Hydromassage normalizes pressure, helps to relieve nerve tensions, and improves the general state of the body.

What is hydromassage therapy?

This procedure combines several therapeutic techniques: massage, health baths, and thermotherapy. To enhance efficiency, all these procedures are applied in an integrated manner.

Water massage is effectively used for the treatment of various chronic diseases. Hydromassage is effectively practiced to treat obesity and improve skin appearance. Underwater massage is incredibly useful for the general state of the body. It accelerates metabolic processes, improves the emotional state, normalizes blood pressure, and increases resistance to viral diseases. After aqua therapy, the work capacity and endurance of the body increases, brain performance improves, and sleep normalizes. Hydromassage is useful for the normalization of heart performance, and it can also harmonize the work of abdominal organs.

Hydromassage benefits

With the help of water procedures, intestinal peristaltic conditions are improved, as the right position is gained. During this procedure, the nervous system is activated. It can have an invigorating or calming effect on the body depending on the temperature of the water.

27. Italian Face lifting Massage

Italian Face Massage

Italian modeling face massage is a facial massage technique aimed at strengthening and increasing facial muscle tone, slowing the process of muscular atrophy, smoothing wrinkles, and correcting the face oval. This method was created by the Association of Plastic Surgeons of Italy and is very popular among the beautiful half of the Apennine Peninsula.

The Italian modeling facial massage technique is so effective that some experts consider it an alternative to surgical facelifts. The secret of this massage lies in the original system of movements, which is designed specifically for the muscles of each section of the face: forehead, cheek, chin. Following this technique, the cosmetologist trains and pulls the muscles of the face.
As a result, blood circulation and lymph flow processes are activated, stagnant processes in tissues are carried out, and oxygen exchange is increased.

Testimony for Italian face lifting massage

  • Mimic and age wrinkles
  • Nasolabial folds and folds on the forehead
  • Loss of chin line clarity
  • Changing the contours of the face oval

You can consider the procedure of stimulating facial massage if you think that the skin of the face is beginning to lose elasticity. Cosmetologists promise a lifting effect after the very first session!
Duration of one session – 40-50 minutes. The persistent effect is observed after 5-6 procedures. The general course of simulating face massage – 10 procedures, it can be carried out at any time of the year. There is no period of rehabilitation after the procedure.

Italian face lifting massage benefits

After the course of the Italian face massage, the natural lifting of facial skin takes place, fading and swelling disappear, facial muscles are strengthened, wrinkles are smoothed, and facial oval lines become clearer. In short, Italian modelling face massage can be called a real rescue for a tired appearance and lost skin elasticity.

28. Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage definition

Hot stone therapy massage is a wonderful relaxing procedure that will bring you plenty of pleasure.
Stone therapy, or stone massage, came to us from the East. Japanese monks used the healing properties of heated stones of volcanic rocks several millennia ago. They knew about their miraculous properties along with the ancient Romans. And American Indians believed that stones were the result of the interaction of the four elements and a powerful source of space energy.
For this procedure, flat and smooth stones are used, preferably of volcanic origin, because they are able to store heat for a long time, as well as being rich in iron, magnesium, and a large amount of various micro- and macro-elements.

Stones for massage therapy

Hot stone massage therapy uses various types of stones, most commonly including basalt, marble, granite and sea salt.

Basalts – stones of immobility, sleep, rest – the most common volcanic rocks. Basalt slowly gives away heat, contributing to the easing relaxation and gradual warming of muscles.

Marble – stimulating, tonic stone sedimentary rock limestone. It is used to relieve excessive heat, cool, and reduce inflammation.

Zhadeitis, the legendary healing stone -stabilizer, positively affects the energy of man, gives harmony, strengthens the nervous system, and equalizes blood pressure.

The Eastern version of massage will require additional “chakral” stones: jade, mountain crystal, hematite, yashma, tiger eye, turquoise, topaz, charoitis, azurite and amethyst. Individually selected self-colors are necessary for cleaning energy channels from negative energy and for filling them with life force.

How to do hot stone massage?

The stone massage session is held with relaxing background music. First, several heated stones are placed on the active points of the body. The heat from the stones can penetrate tissues to a depth of up to 4 centimeters, effectively warming up painful zones and relieving muscle tension. Then a stone massage follows, performed by hot stones making sliding movements along the skin, softened by aromatic oil. Cool marble is applied for contrast exposure. The procedure takes 45 to 90 minutes, during which you can relax as much as possible.

Hot stone massage benefits

Stonotherapy positively affects the thermoregulation, nervous, endocrine, immune and cardiovascular systems of the body. It helps cope with depression and sharp mood swings, as well as chronic fatigue, headaches, and insomnia. This practice restores hormonal balance, rejuvenates cells, and removes toxins. Stonotherapy is also used in the treatment of prolonged cold diseases.

Who is prohibited to receive stone therapy?
Stonotherapy is not carried out in acute infectious diseases and inflammatory processes of internal organs and skin.

29. Norwegian Massage

Also known as a Scandinavian massage, this massage is used with a technique of skin warm-up with the thumb, allowing to “pour” you anew. Such plastic facial massage is used in combination with methods of general lymph draining – at the same time lymph flows are increased throughout the body as a whole. Scandinavian massage gives perfect lines to the face, increases muscle tone, smooths wrinkles, and prevents new ones. Such a technique quickly removes swelling, forms beautiful outlines, and is simply indispensable if a thin, elegant chin is urgently needed. Cosmetologists argue that the effect of one Nordic massage sometimes exceeds the results of ten classic massage procedures.

30. Esalen Massage

Esalen Massage

Esalen massage definition

Esalen Massage was established in 1962 in California by Michael Murphy and Richard Prick. It is based on a holistic approach to problem solving. The human body is perceived as a single holistic system of relationships between physical, emotional, and mental health. Esalen massage technique combines techniques of Swedish, reflex and therapeutic massage, oriental methods, modern principles of deep breathing and physiology, soft fitness practice and gestalt therapy, head massage.

Esalen massage combines tapping and stroking, swinging, warming, and stretching techniques. Rhythmically applied blows and warm-ups cause a reflex contraction of skeletal and smooth muscle. Such contractions improve tissue circulation and increase tone. Stretching and warm-up methods activate the compressive function of muscles, increase their elasticity and nutrition, reduce or completely remove muscle fatigue, positively affecting the joints. Superficial and deep smoothing improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow, increases the rate of elimination of products of exchange, stagnation and swelling in tissues.

Esalen massage: what to expect

Esalen massage promotes deep relaxation and the removal of nervous and physical tension, resulting in an improvement of general well-being, allowing the restoration of a feeling of harmony in all parts of the body, giving it a sense of completeness and calm, awakening internal resources of self-healing.

This massage relaxes stressed muscles, removes fatigue, improves joint mobility and ligament elasticity, increases flexibility and physical performance, and helps to acquire resistance to stress.

Usually, Esalen massage is accompanied by the sound of ocean waves, providing a sedative background and a slow rhythm related to the inner rhythms of humans. Each procedure is unique, corresponding to individual requests, level of comfort, and the physical and emotional tension of a particular patient.

Massage is perfectly combined with hydrotherapy and balneotherapy procedures, cosmetic procedures and body peeling. SPA-centers apply this type of massage in programs of body health improvement and relaxation.

31. LPG endermologie (Lipomassage)

LPG endermologie (Lipomassage)

What is Lipomassage?

LPG oozes fat, and everyone knows the benefits of massage. The balance between fat deposition and burning is a natural result of adipocyte fat cells working. Over time, despite healthy nutrition and regular physical activity, fat accumulation processes begin to prevail. As a result, unwanted fat deposits appear. Lipomassage is an exclusive LPG technology that destroys particularly “persistent” fat that is not receptive to diets, physical exercise, and other methods of exposure. The procedure is 100% safe, physiological, and absolutely painless.
The LPG procedure itself is as follows: You wear a special suit, without which it is impossible to carry out a cosmetic procedure. This suit significantly improves the sliding of the lipomassage machine around the body, and there is no direct contact with the skin, which meets all hygiene rules. Carrying out the Lipomassage protocol, the specialist works out the selected problem zones with deep dynamic movements. Various positions of the patient who actively participates in the procedure are used.

Lipomassage does it really work?

LPG endermologie massage is performed by a dermatocosmetologist professional. Usually, the duration of the course is starting from 6 procedures, which are carried out 2-3 times a week. The number of procedures is determined individually. Everything depends on the level of expression of a problem, as well as the individual characteristics of the person. The total time of the procedure is about an hour. This includes the time of exposure of the lipomassage machine to the body (25-35 minutes depending on the program), preparation for the procedure (you need to get dressed in an individual suit), time it takes for the specialist to prepare the lipomassage machine for work (selecting the necessary program, install/change the nozzle), and the time after the procedure.

Some customers believe that the longer the time the lipomassage machine is exposed to the skin, the better the effect of the procedure. However, this is not the case. Increasing the time of the session or the number of procedures in the hope of an early and better result is not recommended, because, with too intense or too frequent exposure, tissues can simply stop responding to the treatment process. The optimum procedure time at which the maximum result is achieved is determined by studies conducted by the manufacturing company, LPG Systems.

Lipomassage results and benefits

Lipomassage will help reduce volume exactly where you want, without surgery and negative side effects!
After the first LPG endermologie procedure, you will feel changes in the processed areas. Your “problem” zones will become softer, more supple, and in most cases, your clothes will appear slightly freer. The results will rapidly increase from procedure to procedure. After the course of LPG procedures, you will need outfits 1 or 2 sizes smaller. The effect after the course will last for about 6 months.

It is mandatory to carry out at least one endermologie procedure per month in order to maintain the result after the first course. It should be noted that by mixing this technology with other procedures and methods, a more effective result can be achieved.

32. Lymphatic Drainage Massage

So, lymphatic drainage massage – what is it?

It is a physiotherapeutic procedure that removes toxic formations and excess liquid from the body. The main action is to increase lymph flow velocity. This allows organs to remove decay products faster and obtain more oxygen and nutrient components. Lymphatic drainage is carried out taking into account where lymph nodes are located, and where lymph movement is directed. The process is absolutely painless, and it is based on stroking and pressure.

Lymphatic drainage massage benefits

Excess liquid can accumulate in different areas of the body, and most often the legs and face suffer. Lymphatic massage of the face helps to relieve swelling, redness, fatigue, and sluggishness of the skin and improves the color of the face. Sometimes it shows effective in addressing acne or wrinkles. Such a measure may also be useful for post-operative recovery. Lymph draining of areas under the eyes eliminates swelling in this area, gives the skin a fresh look, and eliminates dark circles. Lymphatic body massage is used to fight cellulite and to model the body. It stimulates metabolism and accelerates circulation and lymph movement, resulting in reduced weight and volume.

Lymphatic drainage of the legs is offered to those suffering from swelling and abnormal feelings in the limbs. It can be a component of body massage or a separate procedure. The main limitation, in this case, is thrombophlebitis.

Lymphatic massage techniques

  • manual lymphatic drainage massage therapy

In this case, the smooth, gentle and most accurate action of the masseuse’s hands on the lymphatic areas of the body is assumed, so the qualification of the specialist in this case is especially important. By the middle of the sessions, exposure becomes more intense. It is important to follow the direction clearly from the lower part of the body to the upper part. This will allow the liquid to change the pace and direction of movement.

  • using lymphatic drainage massage machine

Lymphatic massage machine – what is it? It is based on the action of electrical pulses, which, affecting tissues, provide the withdrawal of lymphatic fluid. In turn, the hardware massage is divided into the following types:

  • Galvanization. Low voltage current activates metabolic processes in the skin, which helps to rid it of excess liquid. Electroionophoresis. Substances stimulating the removal of toxic components from skin pores and simultaneously moisturizing them are introduced into the skin by means of electrodes.
  • Pressure therapy. A special suit is put on the client, to which two microprocessors are connected. They create pressure throughout the body so that the circulation of the liquid and its natural withdrawal are accelerated. This is the most efficient method, comparable in efficiency to manual exposure.
  • Vacuum massage. Due to increased lymph draining, negative pressure is induced. This method is very complex, and it requires advanced knowledge. The professional qualifications of the master conducting the procedure, in this case, is especially important, as too intense of exposure can damage skin tissues.
  • Lymphatic drainage microcurrent. In this case, very low electric pulses directed at the upper layers of the skin to relax the muscles, thereby smoothing the wrinkles. This method is used for face rejuvenation.

Each lymphatic drainage massage therapy technique has its own effect on the body, and the choice of a specific one will depend on the area where the massage will be carried out for the necessary result. Thus, the lymph drainage technique is used to control swelling. A more in-depth technique helps prevent varicose complications and calm the skin.

The anti-cellulite lymphatic drainage massage technique eliminates the “orange crust” that worries many women. With such massage, excess liquid is removed from tissues, they relax, blood circulation in areas suffering from cellulite improves. Such a massage is carried out locally in problem areas. If there are many, they are alternated. The main effect of such massage is the resumption of microcirculation in problematic areas, as this depends on the success of cellulite treatment.

Bottom line

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