50 Types Of Massage Techniques. Part 3.

We’re continuing our review of the best massage techniques from all over the world. If you haven’t read already, check out our previous part of the trilogy.
In this part, we will tell you about interesting massages types you’ve probably never heard about.

33. Anticellulite Massage

Anticellulite Massage

Anti-cellulite massage stimulates processes within the body, whereby it is possible to remove excess water from fat cells and subcutaneous fat, and thereby reduce or fully eliminate cellulite.

Here are the main stages of massage effects on cellulite:

  • Activation of blood circulation in problem areas;
  • Activation of lymph movement throughout the body;
  • Create conditions under which anti-cellulite creams have the maximum positive effect;
  • Activation of fluid movement in tissues.

With this stimulating effect, it is much easier for the body to get rid of the substances that form cellulite and eventually satisfy the woman with a beautiful external appearance.

Types of anticellulite massage

The whole variety of anti-cellulite massages by type of exposure to humans can be divided into two large groups: manual exposure and machine massagers.

Types of manual anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Normal anti-cellulite massage without the use of cream more intensively warm up the problem areas during the session;
  2. Conventional massage using anti-cellulite cosmetics, subcutaneous fat is affected by the masseuse himself and the active substances included in the cream;
  3. Honey massage to eliminate cellulite, during the session all massage movements are performed with honey;
  4. Anti-cellulite self-massage;
  5. Self-massage using accessories (brush with hard bristles, massage wares, hand massage, etc.);
  6. Manual vacuum massage with the help of massage cans, which are driven on problem areas.

Types of machine massagers for anti-cellulite massage:

  1. Roller massage: during a session on a special couch, rollers roll through muscles, having a mechanical effect (warm-up, squeeze) on tissues;
  2. Massage with compressed air: for this purpose, a suit or special trousers are put on the patient, into the tanks of which compressed air is injected according to certain algorithms, which compresses in the necessary sequence soft tissues of the person;
  3. Vacuum massage: with the help of a special machine, unlike manual can massage, in this case, cans of different size are used for different areas of the body and different vacuum level is created depending on where the can is installed;
  4. Vibration massage: with the help of cuffs or belts dressed on the hip or waist, during the session vibration from rollers is transmitted to soft tissues of the person.

34. Reflex therapy massage

It is a massage of biologically active zones on feet and hands. Speaking about reflex massage, it is necessary to say a little about the concept itself and the term “reflex therapy.”

What is reflex therapy?

Because of the excerpt of information available in popular literature now, there is a confusion in mass consciousness about this concept. The fact is that there is reflex therapy and acupuncture therapy itself. These are closely related systems, but they are not identical!

What we now call acupuncture therapy is an ancient Eastern system that in China is called zheng-ju therapy. The Western name of this system is acupuncture. It works with energy meridians and their active-points. Exposure within this system is carried out primarily by the acupuncture method – “zheng” and by burning method – “ju.” Additional methods include pressing on points with fingers, massage along the course of meridians, etc.

As for reflex therapy itself, it is no longer the level of energy meridians, but the physical neuro-circulatory bonds existing in the body as described in European scientific literature. And here the work goes not with points, but with ZONES on the human body, which through nerve connections are linked to certain organs and systems of the body.

According to historical data, reflex therapy was known 4,000 years ago in ancient Egypt. In China, it was used alongside acupuncture.

The development of acupuncture was based on the study of the role of energy channels (meridians), but in acupuncture thin needles were used, which were injected into the skin to a certain depth to stimulate the flows of energy passing through these points.

In reflex therapy, the scheme of meridians is taken into account, but of particular importance to meridians as such. Instead, the accent shifts to the so-called “body map,” which is reflected on the soles of the feet and toes, as well as on the palms and fingers.

35. Honey Massage

Honey Massage

What is a honey massage?

What is the difference between this style and general body massage? Honey massage offers a double benefit because it combines the healing power of honey and massage exposure in one procedure. Both massage and honey have been used for the benefit of health and beauty for centuries, and their effectiveness is clear (of course, provided competent professional application).

Special massage technique allows the honey to be absorbed into the skin quickly and effectively so that it can be immediately included in metabolic processes, thus having an effect on the whole organism.

The composition of honey is unique, as it contains 30-37 different useful elements. At the same time, our body takes advantage of honey perfectly, as it has already been treated with bee enzymes and is ready for unimpeded absorption. Moreover, vitamins and trace elements in honey composition have a more active effect on the body than their synthetic analogs.

What honey is used in the massage process?

Beneficial effect on the body is achieved only if the master applies a natural quality honey. To make it convenient to work with, and so that it can reveal its healing capabilities as much as possible, honey is heated to the body temperature or slightly higher. It is important that honey cannot be heated more than 40 degrees, otherwise, it will lose its properties.

A body aesthetician may also add essential oils individually tailored to the physiological characteristics of a particular customer into the honey base. Such a unique cocktail works very effectively because the healing power of honey is joined by the possibilities of aromatherapy.

Honey massage – the ideal procedure for residents of megacities

 Honey massage can solve a whole range of problems characteristic of residents of modern cities. This procedure strengthens health and increases protective functions of the whole body, which is very relevant especially in the autumn and winter seasons when the incidence of viral diseases increases. The honey massage is used in various diseases of the respiratory system, allowing to significantly accelerate recovery and reduce the need for drug treatment.

36. Thai Massage with Herbal Bags

Thai Massage with Herbal Bags

What is a herbal bag massage?

Herbal bags are a traditional Thai massage tool used since ancient times. Hot herbal bags are used when finger pressures cause unpleasant pain. As well as when there is a need for intensive heating of tissues or exposure to certain herbs.

Full physiological rest with mild warming of muscles of the whole body is the main effect of massage with herbal bags. In addition to warming, exposure to the active ingredients contained in the herbal assembly, as well as a series of subsequent myofascial stretches produced on the warmed tissues, is important.

What’s in the herbal bag?

From the point of view of physiotherapy, the work of heated herbal bags is similar to that of hot herbal compression, so the composition of the herbal collection is very important: mountain ginger, curcuma, kafir-lime, cryptolepsis bukhanai, curcuma aromatic, patchouli, lemongrass, and camphor.

Thai massage with herbal bags is an excellent anti-stress and mild lymph draining procedure, which is used both to facilitate the penetration of active useful ingredients from the herbal collection into the body and to enhance their healing effect.

 Relaxation and the physio-usage with hot herbal bags has an effect on the physical and mental health of the client.

At the physical level, Thai massage increases energy, reduces stress-induced symptoms, relieves muscle aches, and improves skin conditions, making it soft and resilient.

 Thanks to the harmonizing effect on the psychological state of the client, Thai massage with herbal bags restores mental balance, removes imbalance, and eliminates signs of depression.

37. Chinese Massage

Chinese Massage

What is Chinese massage?

Chinese medicine is inseparable from the philosophical teachings followed by many generations of this country’s inhabitants, dating back to the most ancient times. Therefore, the difference between Chinese and classical therapeutic massage sprouts from differences in the worldviews of Eastern and Western culture.

 In the classical sense, massage is a set of certain techniques that can mechanically affect the condition of tissues. But in the Chinese tradition this concept takes on a new meaning for the European – the influence of the doctor is aimed not only at bodily recovery but also at harmonization of thin flows of life energy of Qi. According to beliefs, it permeates the whole universe, moving through “meridians” – thin channels, and thanks to this movement the existence of anything continues in time and space. This also applies to the human body – where the concentration of energy is disturbed, pathology occurs. But the thin and material world is inextricably connected, so the restoration of Qi’s movement in the body carries a healthy result in physical terms. Each meridian of energy has key points on which exposure helps to achieve an effect – on which the ancient art of acupuncture is based. Chinese massage takes this principle as a basis, but activation of points takes place by various presses, tongs, vibrating movements, which allow to finely regulate the flow of energy of Qi and at the same time, for example, to remove physical muscle spasms. In addition, Chinese massage often involves the use of various auxiliary tools – scrapers, cans, and other devices to influence particular points.

Chinese massage techniques

 Chinese massage zones are determined by clusters of vital centers of Qi energy – stomach, back, head and face, buttocks and thighs, legs and feet. There are points responsible for the work of almost all organs of our body, so the list of indications to the procedure is quite wide: diseases of the musculoskeletal system; digestive pathologies; respiratory system disease; problems with urinary organs; heart and blood vessel pathologies; nervous disorders.

 Most Chinese massage techniques have therapeutic rather than just relaxing goals, so the patient should be prepared for some pain feelings accompanying procedures. In addition, Chinese massage practices make it possible to achieve a significant rejuvenating effect, to combat overweight, facial skin twitching and wrinkles, and cellulite.

38. Shirodhara Massage

Shirodhara Massage

What is Shirodhara massage?

Shirodhara is perhaps one of the most popular types of Ayurvedic massage that is known not only in Asia but throughout the world. The origin of this procedure is India. Its main purpose is to rid a person of bodily diseases, to bring into balance a healthy mental state, and to activate the internal strength of a person, helping to stay young and cheerful for longer.

Shirodhara includes a warm oil spread in special points on the forehead, including in the region of Ajna-chakra (“third eye”). The person must be in a horizontal position. In parallel, a light massage of the scalp is performed.

The uniqueness of the procedure is that it is not only aimed at wellness and relaxation, but it also effectively rejuvenates, so it is also used as a cosmetic procedure. Although it is an Indian massage procedure, Shirodhara is increasingly approached by people from the Western world, as in pursuit of meeting the standards that modern society dictates, a huge number of psychological problems are falling on the person.

Constant stress and emotional tension are true companions of modern civilization, which provoke the development of many diseases. Ayurveda helps not only in their prevention but also in their treatment.

Shirodhara massage technique

Different mixtures of oils are used for each person. The technique of oil supply can also be different. Everything depends on the disease and individual characteristics of the patient. Therefore, before getting to the massage table, the patient is carefully examined by an Ayurvedic doctor, who will determine which oils will help, by what technique, and at what points the masseur needs to focus on.

The Shirodhara procedure itself is conducted during a one to two hour period on average. The room where Shirodhara is carried out must be devoid of extraneous distracting sounds. For greater relaxation, aromatherapy and the sound of light unobtrusive music can be applied in parallel. At the same time as the oil is spread, a head massage is performed in some cases.

39. Massage with Egg

 Massage with Egg

China is famous for its unique massage types, including unusual approaches in techniques that rely not only on physics but also on energy.

In China there is a belief that if you cut the newborn’s hair on the second day, the baby will be successful in business and love. To calm the baby after this haircut, he is given a delicate massage consisting of boiled chicken eggs massaging his head. The essence of such massage is to remove the negative feeling in the child, to calm his experience after a haircut.

The egg takes on the experience and pain. It may have been heard that some connoisseurs use chicken eggs to relieve spoilage.

Based on the knowledge of Chinese masters, one such master tried an unusual massage to start on himself, based on the contact of a chicken egg with the skin, in a comfortable and painless way. After checking the massage on himself, he practiced as a therapeutic massage for his daughter, calming her crying. I don’t know if it’s self-driving or whether there’s really power in the chicken egg, picking up and absorbing the plume of negativity.

The result is that when the child was capricious, had a tantrum, or reacted by crying to weather, the massage in the form of a warm, cooked chicken egg successfully calmed him.

How to give the egg massage?

Cook the egg, ten to fifteen minutes, cool it under cold water to room temperature, clean from the shell. The cleaned egg, gently rolled on the stomach in a clockwise direction, causes the child to gradually calm down. After the massage, rub his stomach with a wet napkin. To make sure there are no allergies, first try massage on a small area of skin, such as the inner surface of the elbow. The heat of the chicken egg is a very important part of the massage, so make sure that it is not hot or very cold. When the abdomen is heated, the muscle spasm goes away, the child becomes comfortable and calms down.

40. Eastern Massage

Eastern Massage

What is Eastern massage?

Eastern massage technique is a system of complex action on the body, having a centuries-old history. The Eastern massage system was developed to improve health in the entire region, which includes the countries of Central and Asia Minor. In special medical literature, the general questions of Eastern massage are not sufficiently covered, but this technique has been sufficiently fully passed on from generation to generation, and the main techniques of applied importance are still being used in the respective territorial entities. The main difference between Eastern massage and classical European massage is that massage is carried out without the use of lubricants. This is because this approach achieves the goal of a deeper effect on body coverage. The second difference is that the techniques of influence are performed not only by hands, but also the legs are used in some cases of Eastern massage. It is another feature of the art that the direction of motion when using techniques is not only from the periphery to the center but also has the reverse direction.

Eastern massage therapy

Eastern massage for treatment is used in a number of diseases of the spine, joints, and in the presence of back pain. In addition, the Eastern massage system is shown in the disease of a number of internal organs and pathological conditions in the human body, requiring a recovery process after injuries and suffered diseases.

According to the philosophy of therapeutic impact, classical eastern massage involves the performance of movements on channel infusions, called meridians, which are responsible for the life energy of “qi.” In addition to the mechanical effect that improves blood flow and lymph draining during the Eastern massage, the skilled person ensures the restoration of internal harmony. In the Eastern massage system, all techniques of other directions of massage are used, boilers include rubbing, warm-up, various smoothing, and effects on limbs with twisting elements. The use of these techniques also presupposes that many are carried out with considerable pressure on the areas to be massaged. Legs may also be used in the massage process to improve tissue exposure.

However, the use of legs requires a sufficiently cautious approach to prevent injuries. In particular, it is particularly relevant to the proper massage of the back when there is a risk of inadequate exposure to the vertebral column.

41. Guasha Massage

Guasha Massage

What is Guasha massage?

Chinese Guasha massage first appeared in about 550 BC. The proof of this is found by archeological jade scraps – it is there that the therapeutic massage of the guasha is explained. By the way, the name is translated to “scrape disease.”

 What is the guasha massage technique?

According to Chinese philosophy, there are 14 special channels in our bodies, also referred to as meridians, through which the life energy of chi circulates. Each meridian supplies energy to a certain organ. Exposure to a jade scraper is carried out directly on meridians and biologically active, or acupuncture points located along with them. There are three options for guasha massage:

  • cosmetic – eliminates visual defects of the face and body;
  • preventive – prevents various diseases and their exacerbations therapeutic and diagnostic – directly detects and eliminates ailments.
  • such a massage also contributes to the production of hormones such as endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin – bioactive points on the body are associated with the corresponding brain sections.

 Thus, the scraping massage of guasha removes not only physical but also mental tension. Pragmatic modern medicine explains the effectiveness of guasha body massage by the fact that exposure to scrapes improves blood circulation and therefore activates the work of the body. In addition, experts recognize that therapeutic massage of guasha helps to purify the body from accumulated toxins and other unnecessary waste products. It is worth noting that this is a rather intensive procedure. Chinese doctors are sure: the more red bruising that remains on the skin, the more stagnant phenomena in the body that requires additional study. Moreover, by the size, location and intensity of the spots, one skilled in the art can determine specific pathologies.

 It is better to undergo a course of treatment with guasha massage in a specialized medical institution, in a clinic of traditional Chinese medicine: then it is possible to be sure that the procedure is carried out by a licensed specialist, optimally, if the masseuse comes from China. The guasha massage is inextricably connected with philosophy, and only a person who grows up among the culture of this country can understand all the subtleties of the method of guasha massage.

42. Spoon Massage

Spoon Massage

What is a spoon massage?

René Koch, a German cosmetologist, is sure that to get rid of wrinkles on the face and tighten the skin, it’s not necessary to turn to plastic surgeons. Massage with spoons is well suited for massage. It is not complex in its technique, and it also does not require that long to wait for results when used regularly.

The spoon massage has been known since past centuries when kings and various elites used gold or silver spoons for it. Using a spoon massage you can achieve a mild lifting effect, improved blood supply, and normalized lymph flow.

Spoon massage techniques

 The procedure is performed by using the bottom side of the spoon, which is gently and evenly pressed on certain areas of the skin, just like an iron smooths out wrinkles. Although the spoon massage procedure can be performed throughout the body, facial massage is most common.

Performing massage with silver spoons, which is now carried out in many expensive cosmetic salons, is, of course, good, but it may require various spoons of different sizes. For independent massages at home, spoon massage can be carried out from dining rooms to coffee rooms.

You will need:

  • A pair of silver or Melchior spoons. If none, simple steel spoons will be suitable;
  • In addition to spoons 2 containers will be needed, one with hot water and one with cold water (with ice, if possible).
  • Hot and cold decoction of some grass or green tea
  • Vegetable oil (you can take the appropriate oil for your skin type. For fat and oily skin, it is better to take forest nut, almond, or sesame. For normal and dry skin, use apricot, peach, or olive.)
  • Honey

It will take about 20 minutes of free time to perform a spoon massage. The spoon massage technique is very simple and requires no special skills for self-massage.

 Depending on the purposes, the massage will be carried out with a cooled or heated spoon. Depending on this, the result will be different. Spoons are preliminary strained with alcohol.

 Before starting, it is necessary to clean the face and apply a cream to it, although it can be applied directly to the spoon before the massage itself (on the convex side). Cream contributes to a better result, so if you want to apply it to spoons, do it like this: Drop spoons in a water tank, 1st in hot, 2nd in cold. First, the massage is performed with a hot spoon. You get it out of the hot water, you wash it with a napkin, and before you apply the cream, check if it’s too hot. Then apply the cream and proceed directly to the massage.

If the reverse side of the spoon is smeared with honey, you get a bigger effect.

43. Gum Massage

Gum Massage

We’ve heard a lot about massaging for different parts of the body, and we know that most often it only produces good benefits.

The gums are no exception, and this type of massage has an equally positive effect on health. Scientists at the European Center for Dentistry have conducted research and found that a number of exercises are very useful for the prevention of gum disease.

 Massage has a number of useful properties:

  • Improves nutrition of periodontal tissues;
  • Strengthens teeth;
  • Increases resistance to negative external influences;
  • Promotes the supply of nutrients to tissues;
  • Eliminates swelling;
  • Excellent prevention of periodontal diseases and one of its treatment types;
  • Suppresses inflammatory processes;
  • Helps reduce gum bleeding;
  • Stimulates blood circulation in gums;
  • Stagnant phenomena are removed from tissues – blood flow and nutritional exchange are improved, excess liquids are removed;
  • The gums will become denser and stronger;
  • Increased protection against pathogenic bacteria.

It is recommended to start and finish the massage with a smooth touch. Walk on the gums with your thumb and index finger. It needs to be done very easily, and try not to push on the mucus. If swelling is present on soft tissues, start smoothing from a healthy part, then gradually switch to the area of injury.

In the morning, 30 minutes before eating, massage the gums with your tongue, press them everywhere you can reach. Knock with your teeth, try not to swallow the saliva released immediately, but to polish her mouth at the end of the procedure. This exercise stimulates blood circulation in teeth, activates salivary glands and digestion.

44. Compressed air massage

Compressed air massage

What is a compressed air massage?

Compressed air massage resembles the action of medical cupping. With the help of a special device, a certain area of the body is affected. The massage device is first filled with air and then sucked out. The massage equipment is used for both medical and cosmetic purposes. In cosmetology, the method is widely used to combat cellulite. But its range of action is quite wide. Such kind of massage can also be done using a massage chair.

Compressed air massage operates on the principle of a pump that sucks a tissue site, providing a therapeutic effect. Several nozzles of different shapes and sizes are attached to the massage device. The person skilled in this technique applies nozzles to the surface of the skin and moves them manually. The nozzles are connected by hose, through which air is pumped out and a vacuum is created. Massage improves blood circulation, increases skin elasticity, and increases muscle tissue elasticity. Compressed air massage is shown in the treatment of various diseases, e.g. myositis, radiculitis, endarteritis. In cosmetology it is successfully used in skin flutter, cellulite, and atonia.

Compressed air massage benefits

The method has the following effects on the skin and body: the muscles relax; increased oxygen saturation of tissues; due to the fact that fibroblasts are activated, collagen and elastin in the skin are actively stimulated; improved work of sweat and sebaceous glands; and process of fat splitting is accelerated.

Compressed air massage is useful for people who are forced to spend a long period of time standing, which causes swelling of lower limbs, and for people who feel severity and pain in the legs at the end of the working day, also referred to as “tired leg” syndrome. It’s an alternative to manual massage.

This kind of massage is also performed on personal massage chairs. Massage chairs perform massage with the help of air and mechanical effects. At the same time, you will feel tapping, pressure with air, and warming. Innovative developments allow you to get a full range of massage without resorting to the services of professional masters.

45. Asahi Japanese Facial Massage

Asahi Japanese Facial Massage

On the Internet, there was a story about Japanese women and “girls without age.” The 40-year-old women in the photo look like 20-year-old ladies. Of course, much is due to genetics and Asian skin type, which is denser and thicker. And, accordingly, wrinkles appear later than on individuals with thinner skin types. But Japanese women must be given credit, too, because their self-care system is worthy of attention and respect.

 In addition to competent cleaning, toning, and moisturizing of the skin, Japanese women devote a lot of time to massage and muscle relaxation techniques. One of the most famous types of self-massage – Asahi – is a lymph draining complex of movements, with the help of which, it is possible to erase several years from the face. This is dependent, of course, on the ability to perform the right technique.

 Short summary about Asahi massage:

  • Developed by Japanese Yukuko Tanaka, who had previously studied ancient Japanese massage techniques.
  • It is a form of lymph drainage massage. Therefore, it improves blood circulation and accelerates metabolic processes, promotes skin regeneration.
  • Muscles are also deeply worked out in the massage.
  • Practiced 1 time per day.

The main differences of this massage from others are greater physical exposure to the skin and partial deviation from traditional massage lines. The process also affects not only the surface area but also muscles and bones located deep below the surface. In addition, great attention is paid to lymphatic vessels, which improves the nutrition of all facial tissues and accelerates the withdrawal of toxins and excess liquid.

Benefits of Asahi massage:

  • Tightens the oval.
  • Removes hypostases.
  • Straightens skin.
  • Smooths wrinkles and folds.
  • Raises the middle and lower parts of the person.

46. Bali Massage

Bali Massage

What is a Bali massage?

Bali massage is a great means of removing muscle tension, reducing stress, balancing the body, and gaining peace of mind and balance.

 Bali is an amazing paradise-like place on Earth. It is filled with special magnetism and attracts people from all over the world. It’s all about the atmosphere of the magic of love that Bali is filled with. It’s a fairy tale you want to go back to again.

 This massage appeared recently and gained good popularity. It is offered by various massage and spa salons. It is something of an blend in technique between classical and Thai massage. Just as in Thai massage, there is a point affected on the body, and this is combined with intense movements of classical Russian and Chinese massage. Special oils for massage are used.

Massage always starts with the feet and then movements are directed towards the mid-body and then returns. Massage with thumbs and palms is performed and includes many elements: patting, stretching, smoothing, and pressing. And all this causes an incredibly pleasant feeling in the whole body so that maximum relaxation is achieved. Peoples often even fall asleep during the procedure, because they’ve become so comfortable.

By massaging the body according to energy meridians, the masseuse releases blocked energy and relieves general tension.

Bali massage benefits

 Bali massage helps in the fight against headaches, migraines, sleep disorders, removal of muscle pains, allergies, asthma, in the treatment of fractures, radiculitis, chronic heart failure, stomach and duodenal ulcers, osteochondrosis and a number of other diseases.

Bali massage brings muscles into tone, filling a person with huge energy, saturates the body with oxygen, and suits all people who care about their health and wellbeing. After it, patients feel completely renewed.

Bali massage is the most real gift for your body, a manifestation of love for yourself because it is performed with a sense of love, which is transmitted from the masseuse to the person during the session. It leaves no one indifferent, and it helps to achieve harmony and balance in life.

47. Massage During Pregnancy

Massage During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most joyful, meaningful and amazing moment in every woman’s life. During this time it is important to take care not only of the health of the future baby but also of the new mother’s wellbeing because during all months of waiting, the mother carries a huge load on the body, both physical and psychological. Some of the symptoms can be back pain, leg sensitivity, swelling, mood swings, and even depression.


 General massage usually has no contraindications to pregnancy, manipulation can be carried out both locally (massage of feet and collar zone) and everywhere (excluding the abdominal area). During pregnancy, only manual massage is allowed. The main importance for a woman in this period of life is to feel gentle touches of warm hands, which is important for full psychological relaxation. It should also be noted that massages aimed solely at correcting the figure are also undesirable in these nine months.

General massage should be performed more softly, with gentle movements absent of any sharp shakes and vibrations. During pregnancy, a woman is particularly vulnerable and demanding. Therefore, the person who will hold the massage session plays a huge role. It is necessary to establish psychological contact with the masseuse, to throw away all shyness, and to trust the professional as much as possible. Also, the caring hands of the husband can perfectly help relax and relieve the tension from the back if the massage is done correctly.

In terms of techniques, the main thing is gentle tactile contact (touching, smoothing, rubbing), because the child feels the same as the mother. The general massage procedure itself should not last longer than 30-40 minutes. It is important to walk palms on the back along the spine but in no case massage the spine itself.

48. Hilot Massage

Hilot Massage

What is hilot massage therapy?

There are many regions in the world-famous for their massage: Thai massage in Thailand, shiatsu in Japan, classic European (Swedish) massage in Sweden, Ayurvedic massage in India, for the sake of massage go to Bali (Indonesia) and Turkish hammams. But few people view the Philippines as a “massage” destination.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has much to praise. Although massage masters in massage salons and SPA-centers can offer various types of European and Asian techniques, there is also an ancient independent massage system (and not just one!).

Close to the classical Filipino form of massage is called “hilot.” Masahista – master of hilot is not just a masseuse; he has to understand medicinal plants, diagnostics, manual therapy (each masahista can adjust joints and vertebrae). So he’s not just a massage master, he’s a real healer, too.

Hilot is made with pure coconut oil and the use of large leaves (banana, etc.). It is interesting that the leaf at the same time serves as a diagnostic tool, according to its behavior the masahista defines zones of “energy interlocks” in the patient’s body.

The removal of such “blockades” by the movements of the master’s fingers can be very sensitive, but after the massage session, the patient really feels renewed.

Hilot can be carried out not only with the help of hands but also with special tools – wooden balls and sticks.

Hilot is not only available to visitors in expensive SPA salons. In the local population within the country, it is often the only type of medical care and prevention available. But outside the Philippines, hilot is not yet well-known.

Hilot massage techniques

Hilot is useful to combine with Filipino massage called Dagai. It is usually performed with small sticks.

Curiously, not only hands but also balls from various species of wood are used for Philippine massage. By rotating these devices along the patient’s spine, the masseuse collects the negative energy and saturates the body with new forces. Sometimes the master of hilot applies warm and cold stones during his practice. By alternating them, he seeks to narrow or expand certain vessels.

From a scientific point of view, hilot massage changes the energy matrix of the body; under the influence of the healer’s hands, certain bioenergetic meridians are activated, blood circulation under the influence of neuroelectric flows is improved. In parallel, blockages are removed from the body, and all metabolic processes are normalized.

Hilot massage benefits

Hilot massage provides a quick recovery from severe stress, allows to relieve nervous tension and relax closed muscles. As a result, the overall tone is quickly restored, posture improves, and an optimistic view of life appears.

49. Champi Massage

Champi Massage

What is a Champi massage?

Champi is a special Ayurvedic, ancient Indian art of upper back and head massage. It features the use of oils and the use of specific techniques. Basic and essential oils are used, and specialists of Yin Yang Salon select them individually, taking into account the needs of a particular client, as well as his type of hair, skin, and head.

Champi massage techniques

 During the procedure, you sit in a comfortable, relaxed position while the expert carries out cervical collar massage along the nape, head, and face. It is in these places that stress is concentrated. Working in a special technique, the specialist manages to relieve tension, relax muscles, eliminate muscle spasms, clamps, and locks, and fill the body with energy.

Champi exposure is complex. It is aimed at physical, spiritual, and mental recovery at the same time. It was exactly this combination that allowed Champi to win such a number of fans in Western countries. Just imagine a procedure that allows you to remove pain and buckling in the neck and shoulders, forget about difficulties at work, shake off the burden of problems, and gain quality rest and restore strength. And this is relevant for almost every resident of the modern city.

Notably, a softer, tailored version of Champi massage is used in the West to make the exposure as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In the traditional version, quite strong knocks on the head are performed. At the same time, the benefit of massage completely remains.

50. Tantric Massage

Tantric Massage

What is a tantric massage?

Tantric massage differs from the usual types of massage in that during this type of massage partners touch the most intimate parts of each other’s bodies. Such massage contributes to the improvement of sexual health.

Tantric massage is not a certain style of massage at all, as many mistakenly believe. Tantric massage is one of the beautiful ways of showing love. During such a pleasant session, the entire human body is transformed into one continuous erogenous zone. In modern tantra, massage can be used as part of a love game, as well as a wonderful treatment that can heal many ailments.

Tantric massage has its own features. Here, the effect of both erotic and curative effects depends more on the degree of trust existing between partners, as well as on the state in which they touch each other. And it doesn’t matter which part of the body you touch – because, as we know, the most sensitive of all erogenous zones are located in our heads, as well as in the depth of our hearts.

 During tantric massage, male and female energy – Yin and Yang – flow from one body to another and begin to enrich each other.

Tantric massage technique

 Speaking about the technique of tantric massage, it should be recognized that no strict sequence of certain movements exists here, because all movements, their intensity, and effort vary in accordance to the most important aspect, the consequences of movements of your heart and soul. It is possible to touch any areas of the body, as each of them can become an erogenous zone, i.e. a zone of exchange of sexual energy transmitted through touch.

You can touch virtually any place in the body, including feet, ears, shins, and hands.

Massage movements are performed using oils and scents. The tantric massage takes place under the music of Indian Kama-sutra, sounds of nature, trance compositions (depending on the desired effect – tonic, wellness, harmonization, relaxing).

Tantric massage benefits

Tantric massage can not only save youth for a short time but also significantly improve health and prevent many diseases.

The main thing is not a technique but rather sensuality, and you act as one half of a whole, during which you are able to fantasize as your heart leads you!

 Tantric massage at the correct performance brings not only health but also a great pleasure!

Bottom line

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