Massage therapy after a car accident

Various traffic accidents occur every day and often lead to serious and long-term health problems for the people caught in them. In order to prevent the development of various chronic diseases after an accident, it is necessary to pay attention to physical and mental health. In such situations, massage therapy will be very helpful.

Massage brings significant benefits to body and mind health, but particularly brightly its healing features are evident during the recovery period after situations such as car accidents. Even in a minor accident, you should pay attention to massage – it helps to recover faster and avoid problems in the long term.

The most common health problems associated with car accidents

Of course, every accident is “unique” in its own way, but the injuries associated with them are in most cases almost identical. Even if someone feels good immediately after the accident, he should pay special attention to the state of his health at least a few more weeks after the incident, because some problems may appear late.

Whiplash neck injury:

One of the worst and most common injuries happen in a car accident. At sharp braking of the car, the neck of the person is sharply bent and then extended (or vice versa, depending on the position of the head). At the same time, there is a sharp tension of neck muscles, which leads to stretches or even breaks of muscles and ligaments. In the most severe cases, damage to the cervical spine is observed. Whiplash injury to the neck leads to the development of severe pain syndrome and a significant reduction of mobility.

Spinal hernia problems:

A hernia is another problem often found in people caught up in accidents. In the intervertebral hernia, the nucleus of the intervertebral disk protrudes into the vertebral canal, resulting in pain. This problem is very difficult to fix.

Knee joint injuries:

Often during sharp braking, the driver or passenger sitting in the front seat hits the instrument board with his knees. This can lead to both stretching or tearing of ligaments and fractures of the knee cup (in the worst cases – with displacement). Since the knee joint connects the two largest bones of our bodies, the treatment of the damaged knee cup and its ligaments should begin as soon as possible.

Anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder:

In addition to physical injuries, a person may develop anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder after an accident. Anxiety and guilt can haunt a driver caught in a serious accident for years to come. The same applies to PTSD (especially if people were seriously injured or killed in the accident). The main symptoms of PTSD are flashbacks (sharp flashes of past events in memory), irritability, nightmares, emotional isolation.

The benefit of massage for those involved in car accidents

  • Attending massage sessions regularly will help you maintain and improve health after a car accident. Massage is extremely useful for physical, mental and emotional health. Moreover, it will help you to better recognize yourself and your body, that is, to develop proprioception, which in the future will contribute to improving the speed of reaction, which is extremely important for drivers.
  • Removal of nervous tension: massage is a wonderful sedative. Regardless of the type of massage, after a session customers usually leave relaxed and calm. Scientists have proved that the touch of the masseur alone significantly reduces the level of nerve tension.
  • Improvement of blood circulation: good massage improves blood circulation and the flow of fresh blood promotes early recovery.
  • Improved mobility: massage helps to relax muscles and increase their mobility, develops flexibility and increases the range of joint movements. All this will contribute to the early return of the client to physical exercises, which will help to prevent injuries in the future and improve his state of health.
  • Prevention of chronic pain in muscles and spasms: after an accident, many people complain about muscle spasms caused by sharp muscle tension at the moment of collision. Massage will not only help to get rid of spasms causing pain but will also contribute to general relaxation, which will prevent the development of spasms in the future.

For a person who suffered in a car accident, massage is a great way to feel healthy and cheerful again, regain mental balance and cope with anxiety.

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