Relaxonchair MK-II Plus Massage Chair

This complete full body zero gravity shiatsu massage chair comes with a built-in heat and air massage system to give you numerous options to effectively massage your whole body. This three-stage ultra-automatic multi-function electric massage chair has been redesigned and upgraded, and features:

  • Buttock L-tracking massage system
  • Computerized body scanning
  • Airbag massage technology
  • Full body stretching and deep tissue massaging
  • Massage rollers that are firm yet gentle
  • Reduced airbag pressure for arms and calves
  • 5 manual massages that are specifically targeted
  • 4 automatic massage programs
  • 3 levels of airbag intensity control
  • 3-speed massage control
  • A remote control that can be operated with one hand
  • Lower back heating
  • Arm massager as well as calf & hip massager

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus massage chair features

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus massage chair features

This ideal massage chair has been manufactured with high-grade materials and top-notch engineering. This durable massage recliner chair will continue to perform optimally for years to come. Each part of this shiatsu massage chair that has been designed to promote relaxation has been attentively handled with great care for high user satisfaction and to maintain industry-leading standards.

L-Track Massage System: The L-Track massage system is one of the most valued features in this top-performing full body massage chair. The L-track reaches from your neck and shoulder area and gives a continuous stream of relief all the way down to your glutens.

Full Body Air Massage System:The airbags in this electric massage chair can operate both individually or simultaneously to relieve pain and tension by applying pressure on all parts of your body. The airbags are uniquely designed to be programmed to inflate or deflate separately, which causes the body to twist. This feature also stretches the shoulders, lower back, hips, and thighs.

Zero Gravity Massage Chair: This zero gravity massage chair can elevate your feet so that they are at the same level as your heart, which minimizes the strain on your vertebrae caused by gravity. The zero gravity function also eases the discomfort of back pain. You can enjoy the sensation of ultimate relaxation because your heart is working less.

Computerized Body Scanning System: The length of your spine is automatically measured by a built-in sensor, meaning that this system can specifically identify which parts of your back need to be massaged.

Full Body Air Massage System

Full-Size Remote Control: The full-size remote control has a large screen so that you can easily see which functions the zero massage chair has activated. It is user-friendly and gives you several programming options. You can also choose from three levels of speed control, three levels of airbag intensity, four automatic massage programs, and five specific manual massage programs.

Deep Tissue Massage and Full Body Stretching: The deep tissue massage has been designed to emulate a human-like massage throughout your whole body, while the stretching function can also be referred to as the “spinal decompression” program. The massage chair moves your body through a calculated routine using vigorous air cells that pin your body into place and slowly stretch out your back and leg muscles.

Lower Back Heating: This full body massage chair contains two heating pads in the lower back area to improve the massage experience.

Arm Massager and Calf & Hip massager: Your forearms and wrists will be deeply massaged by two airbags that have been carefully located to provide upper-limb relaxation. Multiple airbags that can inflate have been placed on the sides and back of the legs and feet to provide a compression massage. This feature also contains a bottom-spinning roller that applies a pin-point kneading massage.

5 Manual Massage Programs: 5 manual massage techniques are programmed in this shiatsu massage chair so that you can choose between a kneading, tapping, combination of kneading & tapping, shiatsu or rolling massage.

4 Automatic Massage Programs: These massage programs allow you to select a more general massage experience. You can rejuvenate your entire body, choose a program for optimized comfort and relaxation, stretch your whole body, or choose a program designed to give more intensive back massages.

RELAXONCHAIR MK-II Plus massage chair specs:

  • Model Number: RC MK-II
  • Rated Voltage: 110-120V/220-240V
  • Rated Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power Input: 150W
  • Shipping Weight: 220lbs

Pros of the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus:

  • The MK-II Plus white glove service is offered (at an extra cost), meaning that when the chair is delivered Kahuna will also set it up for you.
  • Relaxonchair offers good customer service.
  • This massage recliner chair offers good value for money when compared to massage chairs that have a similar number of features.
  • You can easily choose a milder or more intense massage.
  • The manual mode in this electric massage chair allows you to stop the chair at the spot on your body that you want more deeply massaged.
  • Many users have found it effective on all parts of the body, from the neck to the buttocks.

Cons of the Relaxonchair MK-II Plus:

  • This zero gravity massage chair may not be ideal for larger users (taller than 6’ or heavier than 220lbs) nor shorter users (5’ or smaller).
  • You will probably need someone to help you assemble this massage chair although assembly is not difficult because the chair is delivered already mostly assembled.
  • The remote control backlight is dim, so you may need to use additional light to see it clearly.
  • The foot massage feature can be too strong.
  • The instruction booklet is written in broken English, although this becomes clear with practice.

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